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40th Birthday Set Printing Tips

made by a princess 40th birthday

If you’re here that means you purchased one of my 40th Birthday Sets…thank you! Here are some tips on what I use when I print this set:

For the tags I like to use white linen cardstock but you can use any kind of cardstock.  For the labels and stickers I use a full sheet of white matte labels and then trim to size. I have found over the years that using a full sheet is a lot more economical than buying several types and sizes.  Here is what I use:

“Suck It FORTY” sucker tags – CARDSTOCK
“Bite Me FORTY” bag toppers – CARDSTOCK
“Kiss This FORTY” lipgloss labels – WATERPROOF 8.5X11 LABELS
 “FORTY Rocks” Pop Rocks tags – CARDSTOCK
“Still getting Lei’d at FORTY” lei tags – CARDSTOCK
“Flippin Over FORTY” flip flop labels – CARDSTOCK
Water bottle labels – WATERPROOF 8.5X11 LABELS
Mini champagne bottle labels – WATERPROOF 8.5X11 LABELS
Mini wine bottle labels – WATERPROOF 8.5X11 LABELS
If you plan to chill the water, champagne, and wine, I would suggest waterproof (vinyl) labels. I use Online Labels Standard White Labels in waterproof for inkjet (buy laserjet if you have a laserjet printer).
Hope that helps!
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