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BossGirlMedia Services

Do you ever feel like keeping up with social media, answering emails, updating your blog, and endless to do lists are taking over? Do you feel as though there is not enough time left over to connect with clients, find new business, or even create new content or products? I completely understand; it can be overwhelming.

I have over fifteen years experience in the professional world. I started as an admin assistant at Cedars Sinai Medical Center out of college and then went back to school to receive my paralegal certificate at University of San Diego School of Law. I worked in the legal field for ten years before working for GOLF Magazine for nearly five years. My professional experiences coupled with my organizational talents, eye for detail, and keen interests in creating and managing new and efficient systems have all laid the groundwork for the services I now offer.

Throughout my professional career I worked on my own business on the side. Several years I started blogging and last year I broadened my creative scope by partnering with some very well known brands. During this time I found myself mentoring small business owners, mostly creatives like me, on what they need to get their businesses up and running. I have coached them on things like what to do before they even open their virtual doors, what systems to put in place, how to file for their business license, and best practices for maintaining business records. Earlier this year I realized I really loved doing this and wanted to pursue providing these services beyond my own business network.

If you are spinning your wheels trying to figure out how you are going to get it all done then we need to talk! I can help you with tasks like planning, social media, scheduling Pinterest pins, creating and promoting blog posts, bookkeeping, document management, orchestrating giveaways and blog hops, creating and/or maintaining mailing lists, newsletters, and calendar organization. Let’s set up a time to chat about your needs. Contact me at [email protected] and together we will get you back to doing what you really love.

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