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Stocking Stuffers & Gift Ideas

I have finally recovered from the boutique and Thanksgiving and have a chance to breathe.  Do it with me…aaaahhhh.  This month is going to fly by but for the moment it’s all good.
The boutique was a lot of work to prepare for but I was glad I added some new products to my line.  The Limoncello was by far my most popular item.  I am going to try Orangcello next.  Hubby is really looking forward to being a taste tester for that!
Ok, so if you are looking for some stocking stuffers or little gifts below is what I have left.  If you are interested in anything, please send me an email or comment below with your email and I will quote you a shipping price.  Everything is prepared and ready to ship!
Christmas Candy Bags: $3 each
$3 each Prepackaged Candy Bag:
Reindeer Noses – 11
Grinch Pills – 4
Elf Pillows – 7
Mrs. Claus’ Kisses – 9
Instant Snow (not yet pictured) – 4
Reindeer Food (not yet pictured) – 7
Fairy Dust & Gel Sets: $7  each
 $7 each Fairy Dust, Gel, and Wand Set:
Princess – 5
Baby’s Breath – 4
Tinkerbell – 5
Candy Cane – 5
Glow in the Dark Slime: $6 each
$6 each Jar of Slime:
Blue – 5
Green – 5
*my son and I made these together and they really do glow!
Aroma Beads: $4 each
Aroma Beads: $4 each
$4 ea Aroma Beads Bag:
Almond – 2
Gardenia – 3
Eucalyptus – 5
Christmas Memories – 2
Sweet Pea – 3
Lavender – 3
Hawaiian Breeze – 5
Polo (not pictured yet) – 5
Vanilla Sugar: $5.50 each
$5.50ea Vanilla Sugar Jar
Pictures coming soon for the following:
Peppermint Hot Fudge Sauce $6.50
Salted Caramel Sauce $5.50
Vanilla Extract $7.50


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Miss C

Wednesday 7th of December 2011

I seriously love these ideas! Great ideas for a classroom. Thanks for following my blog, and I am now following your blog too! Too cute!craftingwithheart.blogspot.comCortney


Wednesday 7th of December 2011

Absolutely! I will link to your post! Thank you :) Off to Target now...http://tiny.cc/ybcao


Wednesday 7th of December 2011

What great ideas! Thanks for stopping by. Of course you can repost my cookie recipe! (Will you give me credit? =o)

Sweetened by Kagi

Tuesday 6th of December 2011

Hi, I saw your post on a linky party and I just had to stop by and tell you how adorable this was! I am now your newest follower from www.sweetenedbykagi.blogspot.com and I hope you will follow me too! I look forward to your future blog posts :)



Tuesday 6th of December 2011

Hi Katie! Thank you so much for checking out my blog and for commenting! I just strolled over to your site and added my link to your party ;) Yes, I will definitely button swap - I just need to learn how to do that! I will email you right now. Thank you!

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