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A Day in the Life of a Working at Home Mom

When Jen from Blush Printables asked me if I would be interested in sharing a Day in the Life I said, “Heck yeah!” I thought it would be a good exercise to show that everyday is not a big party and that a whole lotta stuff has to get crammed into my little day. I have to say this was really interesting and eye opening for me. 1) I do a heck of a whole lot during the day and still feel like I accomplish very little; 2) My toddler is extremely active and I don’t get a lot done when she’s awake; 3) I need more time with my family; 4) I need more time for my hubby; and 5) I need more sleep. 

Up until February of this year I was working full time for GOLF Magazine and running my business at night.  Now I am working full time at home and my almost two year old has become my day boss.  She’s adorable but sometimes she yells!  Between being a mom, wife, daughter, sister, friend, and everything in between, I am working my tail off at building my own business full time.  By full time I mean all the time. It’s exhausting!  I love creating and designing stationery though.  I am also adding a new line I call Gimme Glitter! which includes glittered glasses, votives, serving ware, and letter banners.  I love things that sparkle!

It’s a lot of work to me a mom and hold a job, whether working for yourself or someone else.  I have to remind myself that I am also a wife.  I know that sounds weird.  I just mean that when you have kids it’s really easy to get wrapped up in their needs and forget, not intentionally, about your husband’s.  I am married to a wonderful man who I love to the ends of the earth.  He is kind and supportive and I would not take half the risks that I do without him cheering me on and telling me to go for it, try it out, why not?  He is also an INCREDIBLE father. I hit the jackpot with my hubby.

With that said, here is my Day in the Life. You better grab a pot of coffee now because it’s a long one.  I’m not gonna lie…you’re probably going to be exhausted by the time you get to the end. Welcome to my world!

Alarm goes off.  Tinker Bell tells me it’s time to get up. Well, actually it’s a Tinker Bell ringtone I created from a song from the 2003 Peter Pan movie.  Having a fairy wake you up is way nicer than a bird chirping in my ear or a train. Hit snooze twice until back up alarm comes on. Fat Bottomed Girls makes me smile and want to shake my booty. I’m up.

6:00am – 6:45am
Quickly check emails, Facebook, new orders that have come in. Make a mental (albeit foggy at the moment) note of what I need to tackle first.  Get in the shower and try to wake up. I know the conditioner bottle says leave on for 3-5 minutes but I really don’t have time for that. Wash, rinse, condition, rinse. Done.  Turn on channel 7 for my morning news. I really like Jason Austell. I liked him back when he was the traffic guy in the helicopter on Jeff & Jer.  Dry hair and try and figure out what I’m going to wear today. I hate this part. I need more clothes. Add that to the list.

6:45am – 7:15am
Time to get my almost 11 year old out of bed. He’s pretty easy to get up. “Mommy? Can we cuddle?”  Um, of course! We get in our quick cuddles before he needs to scoot in the shower.  He’s off to the showers and now I put a little makeup on. Sit on my bed and watch The Today Show while putting on some mascara. That reminds me.  I severely dislike my mascara. I have tried them all and none of them lives up to their claims. No clumps my big booty.  I miss the days when I could buy Lancome Definicils. That was my favorite. Sorry Lancome, I just can’t spend $30 on you right now. Glenn is still in the shower…get up to tell him that he needs to be done…he’s wasting water. Sit down to finish eyes. Water is still on.  “Glenn! Get out of the shower!”  “Sorry. I just need to get the conditioner out.”  Sit back down to finish my eyes. I know you’re thinking it shouldn’t take this long to put mascara on. No, no it shouldn’t.  Water *still* on!  “Glenn! Seriously! Turn the water off or I’m taking iPad privileges away.”  “Sorry. I just need to use the face wash.” My son is a spectacular kid…he just happens to like long showers!  Who doesn’t really?!  Now I’m going to attempt to run a hot iron through my hair before I have to get my almost 2 year old out of her crib.  Water is now off and Megan is crying for Mommy. Nope, not gonna get to fix my hair just yet. I’m still in my bathrobe so at some point I need to throw on some clothes.

7:15am – 7:45am
Go into Megan’s room hoping to find a smiling happy face. There’s a grimace. Not a good start. “Mommy! Mommy! Mommy!”  “Yes Meggie, I’m right here. Let’s get you up.” “Nooooo!”  The next ten minutes are spent trying to get her in a better mood, cuddling, changing diapers, changing clothes, and checking on Glenn to make sure he is eating breakfast. “Milka Mommyyyy! Mermaid cup.”  “Yes Meggie. I am going to get you milk in your mermaid cup.”  She loves this Little Mermaid cup with a straw I got at the Disney Store and must drink her milk from it.  I really should buy a backup. Add that to the list.  Megan has her milk, Glenn is brushing his teeth, time for me to get dressed. Did I mention I hate this part? I seriously need some new clothes. Throw on jeans, a black ruffled tank top, and black cardigan. So exciting. Quickly run the hot iron through my hair, throw on some blush, bit of hairspray, brush my teeth…we gotta go!

Everyone’s in the car, we’re ready to go and I hear this from the backseat, “Baby ‘Rella! Baby ‘Rella Mommyyyyy! House? Room? Baby ‘Rella!!!”  Go back in the house to find baby Cinderella sitting on the couch. Now we can go.

Drop Glenn off. Hugs, kisses, love yous. He’s off and running. Now we’re headed to Target.

8:10am – 9:10am
Pull into Target parking lot to get the things we (not me) forgot on Saturday. Apples, cheese sticks, snacks, and waffles.  I asked Glenn why he didn’t tell me this before, like on Saturday when we were all at Target together. “I thought you knew.”  “No, how would I know you needed those things if you didn’t write them on the list?”  “What list?”  “The list I told you to write before we went to Target.”  “Oh. I forgot.”  So here I am.  I am seeing lots of mommies and kidlets…and a lot of parking spaces. I like coming this early.  These mommies are carrying giant shopping totes…how environmentally conscience they all are. Cripes. Now I just feel guilty I don’t have one.  Strike one for the WAHM today. Head straight for the produce aisle and try to avoid all the super cute springy stuff Miss Megan is squealing for as we race past. “Princess!! Princess Mommy! Princess! Have it? Please Mommy?! ‘Punzel!”  Some princess thing caught her eye. Must distract her with these apples.  Grab my stuff and head to checkout. $51 lighter…gotta get out of here before I’m roped into some more Easter candy I don’t need.  

Check emails before I start the car. 11a phone appointment with client…got it.  iPhone is reminding me it’s sister-in-law’s birthday. Must send message when I get home. CVS called to say my prescription is ready. Missed call from AZ?  Doesn’t ring a bell. No message. Moving on. More emails from customers about their orders. Check to do list on my phone. Seriously I can’t check anything off this list yet?  That’s just wrong.

Unload the bags, locate the shoes in the backseat that Megan inevitably threw somewhere.  She always takes her shoes off when we get in the car.  Oh there’s a sock missing. Imagine that.  Find all of the lost things on the floor and under the seat (so that’s where the brand new white sandals were) and go inside.

9:40am – 10:45am
Attempt to put groceries away. “‘Punzel Mommy. ‘Punzel.”  “You want to watch Rapunzel again?”  “Yessss!” she says emphatically. Much like Rapunzel’s daily routine of washing, reading, drawing, and sewing…she has become one of ours. Every. Single. Day. We watch Tangled every single day. Thank goodness I love the movie. I put the movie on and go back to the kitchen. “Hungry Mommy. Milk? Mermaid cup?” “No, no more milk. I’ll get you waffles and strawberries.”  “No no Mommy. No berries. Milk.”  “No Megan, no more milk.”  Now there’s a mini temper tantrum. I walk over her. She knows better. Missy isn’t getting anywhere with that.  “What happens to little girls who throw temper tantrums?”  Fake tears are over.  “Waffles Mommy.”  Score one for Mommy. Heat up a waffle, put Rapunzel on, grab blankie because I know she’s going to have a fit eventually without it, go back to the kitchen. Make coffee, sit down at my computer (finally!) to answer emails. Respond to vendors about my giveaway starting on the 2nd (thanks!!), respond to customer emails, email customers that didn’t provide enough info, check Facebook messages, check in with Jen (Blush Printables) and troubleshoot today’s current topics, eat breakfast. Oh wait, I didn’t get myself any breakfast. Found the leftover curry sandwiches my mom sent home with us last night. Have you ever had those? They are so good!  Curry, mango chutney, tortillas, currants, raisins.  Need to do a recipe post for that. Add that to the list. Coffee’s ready…I’m going to eat now. Oh wait, a little person appeared to steal my breakfast…

Now she tells me she wants to watch Belle & Chip. “I thought you wanted to watch ‘Punzel.”  “No. Belle & Chip Mommy. Please? Yes!” Switch the movie, get her settled, sneak off to the restroom while she’s getting comfy. Busted! Here comes Potty Patrol. “Mommy potty.”  “Yes Meggie, I’m going potty.” “Flush?”  “No, I’m not ready for you to flush. Do you have to potty?” “Yesss.”  “Really?”  “Nnnnoooo.” she says with a wicked little smile. Stinker.

10:45am – 11am
Story time before naptime. My Remarkably Sparkly Purse, My Pretty Pink Counting Purse, Cinderella, My Big Book of Colors. Finally sleepy…

11am – 1pm
Now it’s time to get some work done. Fill orders. Emails. Check Facebook. Check Instagram. Do I have time to Pinterest? No, not yet. Phone call with client. Back to emails. Pay some bills. Write cover letter for Willie at H&R Block so tax file can go out today.  Process orders. Prepare a glitter banner for glittering…

Wish sister-in-law Happy Birthday. Update vendor list for giveaway. Respond to Facebook messages. Upload photos I took this morning. Quick chat with my friend about picking boys up this week…it’s Parent Teacher Conference week so kids get out early. Check in with hubby. Not there. He must be at lunch. More orders. More emails. Start laundry, do dishes, get out chicken for dinner tonight. Mom is texting me, “Where are you?” I’m working! Put stuff away from Friday’s magazine photo shoot. Husband will be happy to have dining room back in order. Until I fill it up with Sugarella’s birthday stuff next week. Trying to fit in as much as possible before she wakes up.

Eeeek! She took a long nap and I got wrapped up in cleaning. Quickly get her up (that seriously pains me) and rush out the door to get the boys. While waiting for boys I call my mom back, check emails, and play a quick game of Wreck it Ralph on my phone. Of course I am hearing “Song Mommy. Song!” from the backseat.  Sound of Music is her favorite soundtrack but this girl loves her some One Direction. Actually, she just wants to here, “One Thing” over and over and over again. Did I mention she’s not even two yet?!

1:50pm – 3:15pm
Pick up Glenn and his friend/neighbor from school. Bring them home to start homework. Yeah right. All I hear is giggling and playing.  Late lunch for Megan until she sees the cookies we brought back from Mammie’s house (that’s grandma) and that’s all she wants now. Mini battle is on…stubborn vs. stubborn. Mom wins second battle of the day. Feeling victorious I clean up the virtually uneaten lunch mess. She tries again.  “Cookie please, Mommy? Cooookieee! Boys are crazy.”  Wait, what?  Where did that come from?  “What did you say?”  “Boys are craaaazzyyy!”  The girl has a point. May not be germane to the topic at hand but she’s right. Here’s your cookie. Squeals and giggles.  Megan wins. Damn she’s good. Friend leaves, finish homework starts, kids say they’re hungry. Snacks and go play outside!  I’m hungry. Why am I hungry?  Oh, right, I didn’t eat lunch. No wonder I have a headache. Oooh. I didn’t take my medicine today. SMH (smack my head), that’s why CVS was calling!  Pick up prescription. Add that to the list.  Guess I’ll have a SmartOnes snack.

3:15pm – 3:45pm
Daddy’s home!  While the kids are playing outside I rush to get the cover letter and excel spreadsheet for our accountant done. This is the latest I have sent our taxes off…not pleased at all.  Last minute check to make sure I have the Hershey bars I need for a little photo shoot. Good thing I checked…someone ate them. Add that to the list.  Off to the post office and Vons to pick up some more Hershey bars.  Check emails in the parking lot. Answer customer emails, respond to more vendors about giveaway (yay!) Back home, now it’s time to play tea party with Sugarella.

4pm  – 5:45pm
Glenn has swim team practice so they’re off and will be home about 5:45pm.  Megan & I go outside for some outdoors play. I throw the chicken in the oven at 5:15pm and head back outside for fun with bubbles. By 5:45pm when the boys come home my jeans and shirt are soaked with bubbles! Time for dinner. Lemon chicken, wild rice, and salad. I hope everyone likes lemon chicken these days. Sometimes you never know.

6pm – 7:45pm
Hubby loved the chicken, Glenn not so much.  Too much lemon zest on top. Mommy fail.  Megan is melting down and is crying for out of her chair. All she has had for dinner is milk and some swipes of ketchup and ranch.  Those are meant for dipping we tell her, not eating.  Daddy gives Megan a bath and I put her jammies on.  We settle on the couch and read her favorites again, cuddle, watch a couple cute kid videos on Facebook and head to bed.  I ask her if she’s ready for bed and she says yes.  As I walk away from her crib I am praying that this is one of those nights she goes right to sleep and not the kind that results in screaming for Mommy.

7:45pm – 7:50pm
Hold my breath that she stays in bed.  Yay!  No yells for mommy.

8pm – 12:30am
While Glenn reads… 

hubby tinkers on the car… 

…and I get back to work. Emails, orders, new designs, custom order for a very loyal customer, bye bye 39 birthday invitation for a dear high school friend… 

blog post for free Easter printable to share on Flaired Affairs, edit photos for Everyday Party Magazine

…emails, orders, write to do list for tomorrow…

Crawl into bed.

That’s pretty much how it goes everyday.  Some days I get more done and others not so much.  At the end of the day I have to remind myself I’m only one person and that I’m actually not a superhero with super powers. Darn.  Thank you for getting to the end of this with me!  Come back tomorrow and enter my giveaway! 30 vendors and over $825 in prizes!

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Have a great day…gotta get back to work!

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