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Recipe for Chocolate Dipped Ice Cream Cupcakes

Today Carmen from The Flair Exchange is sharing some wonderful looking ice cream cupcakes. My kids are so going to love me for making these!  With just a few ingredients you are ready for an ice cream social!  
Carmen writes: “Yesterday was my sister’s birthday and I knew it’d be the perfect excuse to try my hand at these ice cream cone cupcakes. These hand dipped cupcakes are a little nostalgic, as they remind me of getting ice cream cones during the hot summer! I used sugar cones vs the traditional ice cream cup style cone. I think the sugar cones are tastier, however they proved to be a little trickier when baking the cupcakes.”

Ice Cream Cupcakes – Chocolate Dipped

Follow the step by step guide at the bottom for baking the cupcakes. Mine required a little help in getting the cake part flat and ready for frosting.
Fill a piping bag with frosting, pipe frosting on cupcakes.
cone frosted
Place cupcakes in freezer for a few minutes to make sure frosting is cool for dipping.
cone dipped
Dip cones frosting down in chocolate ice cream topping. 
I used the kind that hardens when cooled.
cone aaron
Thank you so much for sharing, Carmen!  My son is looking over my shoulder as I type this and drooling.  He suggests we have dessert before dinner.  Hmmmm, I could be convinced…
If you want to find Carmen please email her at [email protected], Facebook, or her website.  Have you seen her tissue garland sets?  Love!  

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