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Fathers Day Big Shoes to Fill Free Template

 fathers day craft big shoes to fill

My husband is the worst to shop for (well, next to my brother) because he always says the same thing, “I don’t need anything.”  Well, I know you don’t *need* anything but throw me a little bone here!  This year I didn’t ask…I have learned my lesson.  I wanted to give him something from the kids that would be meaningful and that they could participate in as well.  My son is almost 11 years old so when I told him my idea he came up with the wording, “I have some big shoes to fill!”.  Since I couldn’t exactly do this without my husband’s foot we had to let him in on it.

I told him he needed to wash his feet and sit down.  I think he thought he was going to get a foot massage. Whoops…sorry dear!

Here’s what you need:

  • Water-based paint
  • Paint brush
  • Cardstock or you can download my template below

fathers day craft big shoes to fill step 1

I painted the bottom of his foot with blue sparkly paint

fathers day craft big shoes to fill step 2

and had him step on the paper.

fathers day craft big shoes to fill step 3We set it outside to dry.  This only took a couple of minutes.  Next I painted my son’s foot in green sparkly paint

fathers day craft big shoes to fill

We put it back outside to dry and admired our work.  My husband thought this was really cool and enjoyed it.  He even suggested we do it again with his dad when they come to visit this Friday from Virginia. This was such a cool craft and special gift for dad that I think we are going to do it every year from now on.fathers day free printable big shoes to fill

You can download the daughter version here.

fathers day free printable daddy has my heart

Happy Father’s Day!

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