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Give a Gift of Gimmee Jimmys Cookies

gimmee jimmys product review

When a cookie company asks if they can send you cookies to try out the answer is always yes! Take my word for you it…you are going to want to add Give a Gift of Gimmee Jimmys Cookies to your holiday list shopping just like me. 

I love a good cookie tin and even better when someone says, “Hey, would you like to try out some of our cookies and tell us what you think?” Yes please! The cookies arrived in a sturdy tin (that can easily be repurposed later) that was full of freshly baked, delicious treats. When the Gimmee Jimmy’s company reached out to me to review their cookies, they asked that we not eat them all at once but that we eat them over the course of at least a week. It took a lot of willpower but we managed to fight the urge to finish the whole tin of cookies all at once. Week one, cookies were still soft, moist, and fresh. Week two, cookies still soft, moist, fresh, and not a bit crumbly. Week three (can’t believe we lasted this long!), cookies were still soft and moist, a little crumbly but still fresh.

gimmee jimmys cookie revew tin

gimmee jimmys cookie revew tin packed well

We were so impressed with the Gimmee Jimmy’s selection that was sent to us and were pleasantly surprised the cookies lasted more than three weeks and were still ready to eat. My favorite were the Black and White, my kids loved the chocolate chip, and my husband really enjoyed the oatmeal. Everybody’s cravings were satisfied!

gimmee jimmys cookie revew platter

gimmee jimmys cookie revew black and white

gimmee jimmys cookie revew chocolate chip

gimmee jimmys cookie revew oatmeal

There are lots of cookies to choose from on the Gimmee Jimmy’s website so don’t be shy about ordering some for yourself when you’re placing those holiday orders. I think I’ll try the Rainbow cookies next…

Happy Back to School!

*I was sent these cookies in exchange for an honest product review. All opinions are my own.

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