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Totally Gross Fun Family Board Games

Looking for some new games to add to family game night? How about some that are sure to make you laugh or even pass gas! Check out my Totally Gross Fun Family Board Games list and add some to your wish list this holiday. From Pimple Pete to Toilet Trouble to Fishin for Floaters…there’s something for everyone here.


You know when something is so gross you just can’t stop looking? That’s exactly how I feel about the games I’ve listed below. They are so yucky and cringe worthy that I just can’t help but want to play them! Here is my list of totally gross fun family board games that you are totally going to want to play on your next family game night! 

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Totally Gross Fun Family Board Games & Interactive Games

Bugs in the Kitchen

This game looks pretty fun even though a bug is the last thing I’d like to find in my kitchen! Game comes with a Hexbug Nano and the object is to trap the bug in your kitchen. A roll of the dice tells you which utensil to move. The goal is to catch the bug in your trap before everyone else.

Chow Crown

This game was just released this fall and is sure to bring some big laughs on game night. Place the crown on your head, load up the forks with snacks, and press play. You have to try to eat the spinning food before the music stops. Snacks not included.

Disgusting N Gross

This home made STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Mathematics) science lab contains everything you need to make levitating eyeballs, gizzards, fart putty, and boiled boogers.

Disgusting Science

Your kids will learn fun facts about body parts and will be completely grossed out while doing it! Create a stinky intestine, slimy snot, fake blood, and grow mold and bacteria in petri dishes. Kids learn what makes them pass gas and why their foot get so stinky!

Doggie Doo

The object of this game is the make the dog poop. Each player takes a turn walking the dog to see who’s the best dog walker. Squeeze the leash to hear the dog make fart sounds. Sounds get louder and louder as the dog gets ready to release a Doggie Doo. First player to clean up three messes wins the game. I don’t know about your house but having to clean up dog poop in my house is not considered a “win”.

Don’t Step in it Unicorn Edition

The object of this game is to avoid the poop. Players are blindfolded and sent along the game board path, trying to avoid the unicorn poop. One of the more creative elements of this game is that you can create your own colorful piles of poo with the soft clay included.

Don’t Step In It

This is exactly the same as the Don’t Step In It Unicorn Edition but with traditional brown colored poop instead of colorful unicorn poop.

Doody Head Game

What could be more fun than flinging poop at your brother’s head, right? So for this game all you’re trying to do is throw a pile of poo on the hat and hope it sticks. Every pile that stays is worth some points.

Dunk Hat 

You know that game people play at carnivals where they try to dunk the principal in a tank of water by hitting the target? It’s like that but the target is on your head and the tank is on your head. The goal is to soak the person wearing the hat. Definitely an outdoor game!

Egged On 

This is basically egg roulette. Plastic eggs are filled with water, or something icky and slimy if you’re feeling particularly daring, and cracked over someone’s head depending on what the spinner says. Unlike with Dunk Hat, the goal in this game is to NOT get wet. Another good outdoor game.

Fart A Card Game of Pass the Gas

This card game is extra special…it contains a CD full of different fart sounds. The CD plays in the background as you race to get rid of all your cards. Apparently, enormous fart explosion sounds indicate a change in direction, a penalty, or passing wind to your neighbor. There are 99 fart tracks…sounds like enough to go all night long. Smell machine not included.

Farty Franny

The object of this game is to not get farted on by the cow. Take turns spinning the dial, watch out for flies and poos, then lift Franny’s tail and hope she doesn’t pass gas right on you. If all you hear is a moo you’re in the clear but this cow is no lady because she will just let ’em rip all over you. If Franny farts on you, you’ve got to take a fly, the one with the fewest flies wins the game. Does anyone really win this game though if you’re getting farted on by a cow?!

Fishin for Floaters

Silly me, I thought we wanted to keep poop out of the tub, not in it! The object of this game is to fish the floating poop out with a fishing rod. If trying to hook a turd is too difficult, no worries, just scoop them up in the net.

Flush N Frenzy

Roll the die, plunge the toilet, wait for the poop to pop. Bonus point if you can catch it in midair. No joke. The one with the most points wins the game. Whoever thought that catching a poop would be a good thing?

Gas Out

If you make Guster the Gas Cloud pass gas you’re out of the game. Each player gets three cards and each card tells you how many times you push Guster when it’s your turn. If Guster farts when you push him you’re out! The last player to get gassed on is the winner.

Gassy Gus 

Gassy Gus has a head that works much like a Pez dispenser except this guy doesn’t get candy, he gets food that makes him fart. Well kind of. Use your cards to “feed” Gus with things like baked beans and soda and give his head a pump with each “bite”. Watch his belly get bigger and bigger until he just can’t take it anymore and rips a big one. The first one to feed Gus all your food to be declared the winner. Basically, the first one to get rid of their cards wins.

Gooey Louie

Gooey Louie is apparently full of snot and needs your help. Each player picks a “gooey” but if you pick the wrong one his eye pop out, the top of his head flips off, and his brains bust out. The description says it helps develop hand-eye coordination…I think that’s a stretch. If you’re looking for a great hand-eye coordination activity, I’d be more inclined to go for something like Legos. If you’re looking for a booger pulling game, Gooey Louie is the one for you.

John Adams Really Gross Science

Your kids want to learn how to make a peeing bladder? How about an ear wax viewer? What about picking slimy boogies from a nose or seeing what lives between your toes? This really gross science kit will give your kids hours of disgusting fun.

Monster Flush

Even monsters need to go potty! Everyone gets 6 disks at the beginning of the game and has to roll the die to determine which toilet the monster can use. If the monster’s poop goes down the toilet the player gets to turn over the disk to see if they’ve got a full or empty roll of TP. Since the object is to be the first one to collect three rolls of toilet paper, an empty roll isn’t going to help your monster out very much.

P.U. the Guessing Game of Smells

Smell your way through the village in Odorville. Something tells me it’s not going to be all flowers and cotton candy. The game includes 30 different cards that are divided into 3 categories: good, stinky, and mystery. Join Stinky the Skunk and his friends at the town fair! Correctly identify the good, bad, and mystery smells so you can stop Stinky from ruining the fair. Some of the cards do actually smell. Remember the old scratch and sniff stickers? It’s kind of like that.

Pass the Gas

This looks pretty much like hot potato but with a bathroom humor twist. Press start on the plush tush and quickly pass it around. Whoever has the tushie when he lets one rip is declared the loser. The plushie butt plays a catchy tune while he is being tossed around.

Pimple Pete presented by Dr. Pimple Popper

I just can’t with this game…so nasty! Have you ever watched Dr. Pimple Popper? She has a huge following because some people just love to watch pimples popping. You can probably already guess I’m not one of those people. If you are one of those people or want to gross out your kids you’ll love this. Load Pimple Pete up with squishy pimples, fill the zit plunger with water, then carefully wiggle out and “pop” each fleshy pimple without upsetting pimply Pete. Some are easy to pull out and some are not. If you pull too hard you might just get pimple juice all over you. That’s an appetizing vision isn’t it?

Pie Face Cannon 

If you don’t mind getting a face full of whipped cream, this is the game for you. The guy behind the mask tries to avoid getting pie faced by using the blocking hand to block the shot while other players take aim and try to smack their face with a cannon full of whipped cream.

PlayMonster Stinky Pig

The object of this game is to not get tooted on by the pig. Poke the pig’s belly, hear him sign, then roll the die to see which way to pass him. Ever played Left Right? It’s like that. Pass the tooting pig as quickly as you can so he doesn’t fart on you! If he does, he’ll give you a token. The one with the fewest tokens, or pig farts, wins.

Poo the Card Game

So this game is about flinging poo. It’s a flinging poo card game about monkeys pooping…and flinging it. Each player takes turns being the monkey. You, the monkey, fling virtual poo and mess with each other until there is just one slightly poopy monkey left in the cage. Each turn, every player draws a card. These cards tell you to fling poo at someone or clean himself off. If you like the idea of tossing a virtual turd at your friends you’ll love this.

POOP the Brown Bag Edition

POOP is played like Uno so if you know how to play Uno you can easily play this. Even if you don’t know how to play Uno I think you can figure this out without any problem. The first player to run out of cards wins. Each card has something related to, you guessed it, poop. Some make players do crazy things, others just have pictures. Players take turns “pooping” but the goal is to not clog the toilet but having to pick up the giant pile of discarded POOP cards.

POOP the Party Pooper Edition

This is the same game above, just a different version.


Toilet, poop, paper, wash hands…that’s the order you must play the cards in this game. The first player to use up their cards pushes the Whoopie Cushion to let everyone they are all pooped out. The person holding the most cards loses that round and has to put a rubber poop on their head. Maybe it’s just me but I really don’t want to have to wear poop anything on my head.

Pop A Zit

Can we all just say a collective, “Eeewwwww!!”?! So you can pretty much guess the object of this game already…popping a very large nasty water filled zit. Spin the dial, squeeze the zit, and get blasted with water. The kicker is you never know when it’s going to pop! So gross! You can purchase a Spray String and use the included adapter if you want to amp up the ick factor.

Pull My Finger 

This must have been invented by a dad. You know, the dad that always says, “Pull my finger!” This is pretty easy: spin the banana spinner, pull the monkey’s finger, watch his booty inflate and getting bigger with each pull. If the monkey farts on you, you lose! That’s pretty much just like real life. The one who gets farted on the least, or not at all, wins.


Snot It

Pick a winner! Don’t we tell our kids not to pick their noses?! Well, this is one time they can pick all they want. Players put on the snot glasses and try to snag the right colored booger from the spinning booger bowl.  If someone picks a purple booger everyone yells, “Snot it!” as fast as they can. The first player to yell keeps the purple booger while other players must put one back in the booger bowl. First one to get 10 boogers wins.

Toilet Trouble 

Fill with water and spin the toilet roll to see how many times you need to flush. Sometimes you’ll get sprayed and sometimes you won’t. It’s a crap shoot. The last player to flush without getting sprayed wins. Toilet water not included.

Totally Gross the Game of Science 

Land on a numbered spot, take a card, read the card, answer the question correctly, move your green snot up a notch. Land on a totally gross space and you’ll have to perform a gross act…not sure what that entails but judging by the name of the game it’s not going to involve blowing kisses or singing karaoke. Make it to the center of the board, perform an experiment, and win the game. Sounds easy enough right?

Watch Ya Mouth 

This one isn’t really gross, unless you think watching someone try to talk with a weird contraption in their mouth is gross. It’s a super popular game that the family can play together that is sure to bring lots of laughs. Stick a cheek retractor in your mouth and try to speak the phrase on your card while teammates try to guess what you’re saying. This version is very family friendly but if you’re looking for the adult naughty version you can buy those cards separately. There’s also a filthy grandma version too. Just make sure to keep those away from the little ones!

What’s in Ned’s Head

Ned’s Head is full of all kinds of crap like a rat, spider, worm, and even an eye ball. Players draw a card then reach into Ned’s nostrils or ears as they race to find the silly object pictured on the card. You never know what you’re going to find in there!

What’s That Smell 

This game is best for older kids and adults to play because it involves writing down what you think the nasty smell is and write down the funniest memory the smell triggers. When the timer goes off pass the card to the player next to you. The game is done when everyone has smelled all of the cards in play. Whoever guessed the most smells correctly gets to choose a player to smell something truly disgusting. There is an app for this game so make sure you download it before sitting down to play with friends. What’s that smell is the party game that stinks!

Who Did It Family Card Game 

Who pooped? Fido or Fifi?! The object of this game is to avoid the blame of owning the animal that pooped. Be the first to throw down your card, then blame someone else. A cute zippered poop pouch keeps all the game pieces together.

Who Tooted?

Well, it definitely wasn’t me. Moms never toot according to my daughter! In this game everybody gets a whoopie cushion shaped controller to control the fart. When the controllers light up, only one person can push the button to make a toot sounds. The other players have to guess who tooted. How good is your bluffing game? Don’t let on you did it or you could be out!

Poop Themed Extras


Pile Driver Remote Control Poop Car and Farting Action

This isn’t a game but I had to include it because when I read the title to my husband he couldn’t stop giggling. He’s a grown ass man and thought the name of this remote controlled pile of poop was hilarious. Get it for the #2 in your life 😉

Toilet Seat Mini Golf 

This is another one of those things that I had to include because it fits right in with the theme of this post…potty humor. I think it’s pretty self explanatory…play mini golf while sitting on the toilet. Practice your gold skills while, well, you know.

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