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Superhero Inspired Party Food Ideas Free Printables


Superhero parties are timeless. Do you remember going to Superhero parties when you were a kid. I am a sucker for themed food so today I am sharing some fun food ideas you can incorporate into your next party. I am also including a set of Superhero Inspired Party Food Ideas FREE Printables for you to use at your own party!

Superhero Party Ideas

It’s easy to create fun food for a Superhero party because there are so many characters to choose from and so much inspiration. I created this set up for Birthday in a Box, you can find all the details on their site, and went a little crazy with the food!


Superhero Party Food Ideas

  • Cheetah Claws – Bugles
  • Harley’s Hammers – soft caramels and pretzel sticks
  • Supergirl Grilled Cheese – grilled cheese sandwiches
  • Starfire’s Starbolts – Snowballs sprayed with edible spray paint
  • Kryptonite – rock candy
  • Super Powered Superfood – fruits and veggies
  • Wonder Woman Lassos – yellow Twizzlers
  • Poison Ivy Seeds & Vines – Sixlets and green Twizzlers
  • Power Rings – ring pops
  • Super Strength Stars – red, white, and blue star candy
  • Wham! Water






FREE Superhero Party Food Tents!

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I hope you enjoyed my Superhero Inspired Party Food Ideas Free Printables. Don’t forget to check out my Superhero Water Bottle Cape Party Idea + FREE Printable template.




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