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TwirlyGirl® Review

I am a girly girl through and through. Pink, sparkles, princesses, tea parties…bring it on!  When we were blessed with our little girl three years ago I was so hoping she would be girly so I could dress her up and buy frilly clothes with pretty matching hair bows. While my daughter loves to dress up and twirl around she isn’t always game with the clothes I find because she is very texture sensitive. She loves to play dress up and she has a very active imagination. The problem with a lot of dress up clothes, or even dressy clothes, is that the material just isn’t comfortable. It doesn’t matter how much that Posh Tots gown is, if it is evenly remotely itchy or there is a misplaced tag, forget it, there is no chance of getting her in it. I was ecstatic when we opened the box that contained the prettiest spring dress for little girl like these. This Can Can Minuet dress is so cute and retails for $72.

TwirlyGirl clearly knows dresses, little girls, and what a little princess wants. The first thing my daughter noticed were the sparkles on the ruffles. She looooooved that!  She also loved the way it felt. We immediately put it on and she a) didn’t complain about anything and b) started twirling. There is just something about this dress for little girls that makes them want to get their booties shakin’ and their dresses twirlin’! These dresses are also really unique. I haven’t seen anything out there like them.

It is well made with really soft fabric. The only thing I would like to suggest for this dress in particular is making the front a bit longer and the back just a bit shorter. I looked on the website and they do offer UnderTwirl™ shorts for an additional $22. We had a pair of pink panty covers that worked perfectly though. We moms look for more than just a twirl factor so, for me, the real test was going to be how well it held up after being washed.  Has gone through the washer and the dryer several times since we got it and not a single sparkle has come off.  Another thing I like is that is comes in tons of designs, styles, and colors.  It is made of a polyester and spandex blend so it doesn’t wrinkle. Who doesn’t love that?

Another thing I like is that is comes in tons of designs, styles, and colors.  Dresses not your little girl’s thing?  They’ve got skirts, leggings, hoodies, and tops. I personally really like the Cappotto Jacket, retails for $72 but on sale for $42 right now. Many of their items are reversible as well. The PIPS Reversible Top – Awesomeland would be perfect for a free spirited girl who loves tie dye. If TwirlyGirl® can dress little girls around the world AND Suri Cruise you know it’s a good thing!

Check out their Dress for Little Girls page and find one that find one that fits your girl’s personality!  If you would like to see their entire TwirlyGirl® collection you can find them here.

TwirlyGirl® is also giving my readers a 10% off coupon towards your purchase! Use coupon code JOYTG21 now through May 20th.

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