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Hello fellow Princesses!  I am so excited to be launching this blog.  One of my closest BFFs, Trish, has been telling me for years, “You should blog.  You need to blog.  Just blog already!”  Ok. Ok.  In my mind I have lots of great blogging posts but actually hitting the keys is a whole different story. 

If you’re reading this you have either followed one of my links from my Etsy shop, my Facebook page, maybe Twitter, Martha Stewart’s Dreamers into Doers, Pinterest, or perhaps you just stumbled upon me whilst Googling.  However, you have come to land in my little castle – thank you!

I am what some would call, obsessed shall we say, with all things pink and girly.  I love love love pink.  Someday I vow to have a pink car.  I digress, that’s a whole different post for another day.  Anyway, I started creating custom invitations and notecards about 8 years ago.  I couldn’t find any cute invitations for my son’s 1st birthday nor could I find any notecards that really screamed “Me!”.  After sending my son’s invites friends starting hiring me to do theirs.  After coming to a few of my parties friends started hiring me to do their events as well.  I absolutely love party planning. I’m kind of bummed when I don’t have one to plan.  When that happens I find myself making up an excuse to have a party.  One of my favorite girly parties so far that I have planned was my Pink Parisian Bunco Bonne Fete.  That was a fun night!  I will post pictures of that party another time but you can take a peak of those photos on Martha Stewart because she featured me!  I was super excited about that!  My friend, Trish, took all of those beautiful photos.  By the way, Trish is an extremely talented graphic designer and has some adorable MOO cards…check out her shop on Etsy.

I will be posting DIY projects, parties, ideas, recipes, and some freebies. Do you have a DIY, recipe, or event you want to share?  Well – here you go!  Brag on yourself!  I’ll post your stuff and talk you up.  I love hearing from other crafty people.

Thanks for stopping by.  Don’t forget to subscribe so we can keep in touch.  All new subscribers will get a coupon code for my shop.


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