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Fabric Bunting Banner

After seeing so many adorable banners on Etsy I decided I must make one for my daughter’s Christening last month (more on that later).  I searched and searched for just the right fabrics and finally found Cindi at Dreamy Vintage Sheets on Etsy.  First of all, she is a lovely lady…you must check out her shop…secondly, she is a mom (like me), and she lives in San Diego!  Oh, and she has beautiful products and great prices.  Done and done! She had several sets I loved so she set up a custom order and in a few days this is what I received…

Fat Quarters from Dreamy Vintage Sheets on Etsy


They were so beautifully packaged and she used double sided satin ribbon.  Will be using that for another project…thanks Cindi!  Ok, so now what?  Well, I had to figure out how big I wanted the triangles to be so I made a template and the decided to just keep cutting triangles until I didn’t have and fabric left.  Below is my nice pile of triangles. You can use a rotary cutter but I think mine is in storage so I just used a new pair of scissors.


With right sides facing I am off and sewing.  Took me a couple hours to sew about 100 triangles.  I didn’t do this all in one night though.  When everyone is tucked away in bed is when I really get creative.


Once I had finished sewing I sat on the couch and turned them out.  I did iron each one so that I had nice clean pressed seams and a pretty point.


I found that the best way to handle these was to keep them all together.  I would leave a little gap in between each triangle so they weren’t sewn together corner to corner.  This made sewing the bias tape on so much easier.  I didn’t have to measure or fuss with each on individually.



The finished product!  I ended up with 5 fabric banners.  Three were hung outside in the big macadamia nut tree and two were inside in the dining room.  This project did take awhile because I worked on it only in the evenings but it is not a hard project at all.  Everyone asked where I got the banners and how I found one that went so well with the party theme (shabby-vintage-southern-tea party – whatever that is!) so I was feeling pretty good about this DIY.  I would definitely do one again; they’re kind of addicting.  Leave plenty of time before your event to start this project.  Like a few weeks ahead.  So glad I did.  That’s one more “I want to learn how to do that” off my list!
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Monday 19th of March 2012

Hi Clancy & thank you! How did your bunting work out? Do you have pictures? I would love to feature you on Wordless Wednesday!


Tuesday 6th of March 2012

WOW!! LOVE!!! These are just gorgeous. And exactly what I need for this Sunday (5days away) ... Wish me luck? lol

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