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You’ve Been BOO’d Bucket with FREE Printables

You've Been BOO'd FREE printable set

Have you ever been BOO’d?  We didn’t have a lot of kids in our old neighborhood but where we live now there are a ton of kids!  Tomorrow we will kick off Halloween season by “BOOing” our sweet neighbors on the corner.  They were the first people we met in our new community and I think the little girl is going to really love her BOO Bucket.  This is a really easy and inexpensive thing you can do with your neighbors too.  You can find all you need at your local dollar store.  The printables are ready to go just print, trim, and BOO!

I went to my local dollar store and picked up everything you see here…

You've Been BOO'd FREE printable set

In addition to a few treats I picked up a lantern, glow sticks, a pumpkin carving kit, and some gold shred to give it a little sparkle.  Once I put everything in the pumpkin I added the note with instructions on how to return the favor to a neighbor as well as a, “We’ve been BOO’d” sign to put in the window.

In case you aren’t familiar with how to BOO someone it’s really easy:

1.Create a Halloween bucket, basket, box, or bag, include a copy of the note as well as the window sign.
2. Place your treat on your neighbor’s doorstep, ring the bell, and then hide so they can’t see who did it.
3. Enjoy the fun as you see other neighbors getting into the Halloween spirit!

Download the note here.
Download the sign here.

You've Been BOO'd FREE printable set
Happy Halloween!

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