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Wordless Wednesday

I had to share this photo from Miss Cupcake’s 1st Birthday party.  We had a very small gathering with family and friends which included our priest (who really is one of the girls!).  When I was putting together the guest list I knew that we had to have our priest, Rev. Laura Sheridan-Campbell, come celebrate with us.  Rev. Laura was there with me throughout this very difficult pregnancy and was one of the few people we asked to come visit us at the hospital.  Our daughter was in NICU for almost two weeks and Rev. Laura was there when she was not even a whole day old laying her hands upon her through the isolette holes and saying prayers for health.  She is very special to us and I hope she doesn’t mind me sharing her picture with you.  How many priests do you know that would put bunny ears on?  We love Rev. Laura!


If you ever find yourself in the Carlsbad neighborhood on a Sunday morning at 9a please come join us – everyone is welcome at Holy Cross.

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