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{Guest Post} The Beauty of Wedding Calligraphy

Today’s Guest Post comes to us from Katee Cooper, owner of Elegant Writing by KKC.  When Katee was a bride she searched for someone to hand write invitations in calligraphy for her wedding invitations.  Having no luck in finding this kind of service, she decided to start her own business.  Elegant Writing by KKC serves the needs of brides who want elegant calligraphy but neither the time nor the ability to do this themselves.  Katee’s mission is to provide elegance to her clients’ weddings or special occasions. 

Some words from Katee: Calligraphy for your wedding invitations is very affordable and makes such a stylish first impression. Choosing beautiful handwritten lettering shows you enjoy a little luxury.  There is a genuine delight in both receiving and sending an envelope addressed in beautiful calligraphy.  

From the bride and groom’s point of view, your calligrapher works to craft beautiful lettering for your envelopes which gives an impressive touch that can be proudly displayed.  From your friends and family’s view, the pleasure of seeing something elegantly written in their mailbox brings a sense of anticipation and expectation that the event will be special.  It also shows that you have an eye for detail with a sense of sophistication. Hand lettering pays tribute to the investment you have made in the beautiful invitations you have selected, as well as honoring the invitation design with craftsmanship and elegance.

Place cards and Escort Cards show where each guest will be seated, but they are far more than that…they can be a conversation piece, a thoughtful expression, and a personal memento.  In many cases your guests will slip their place cards into purses at the end of the evening, and keep them as a cherished keepsake of your special day.

It is wonderful to hear from clients that: “everyone loved the calligraphy”. It is after all, the ultimate personal touch.

Thank you for guest hosting today, Katee! 

If you would like more information on Katee’s calligraphy services please contact her at [email protected].

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