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DIY Wonder Woman Halloween Costume

Strong girls are the best girls! Save the world like Wonder Woman this Halloween with an amazing DIY Girls Wonder Woman Halloween Costume! Girl Power!

Look just like Gal Gadot in this Wonder Woman Movie Costume for Halloween or Cosplay

MadebyaPrincess Original Craft Badge

I love strong, fierce, independent women so when I found out that Wonder Woman was getting her own movie I was so excited! I think I was more excited than my daughter about it really. It was everything and more and when the movie was over we both wanted to be her for Halloween.

Since my daughter is way cuter than I am I decided she most definitely needed to be the one to dress the part. Today I’m sharing my DIY Wonder Woman Halloween Costume tutorial so you too can get your warrior ready to save the world!

Wonder Woman TV Show

Did you ever dream of being Wonder Woman? I thought Lynda Carter was the ultimate strong girl. She was strong, beautiful, smart, and she had the best Wonder Woman outfit I had ever seen. I was so jealous of Diana Prince for being able to spin around and fight all the bad guys.

Comic books like DC Comics and Marvel were not really my thing but I sure did love Wonder Woman. I even had Wonder Woman pajamas.

You remember Underoos right? I loved my Wonder Woman Underoos! It kind of made you feel like you were wearing a secret superhero costume under your school uniform…kind of. 

No Sew Girls Wonder Woman Halloween Costume Ideas

Before you get started let me just tell you this is not an overnight project. It’s going to take some prep, mostly because this is a no-sew costume and the Fabrictac has to have a chance to dry. With that said, my daughter is thrilled with the way it came out so it was totally worth it!

Supplies Needed to Make a Wonder Woman Skirt Like Gal Gadot

This tutorial will show you how to make a Gal Gadot Wonder Woman Costume which is different from the TV show version.

Below is what you are going to need to make this costume. My daughter wore a 7/8 so keep that in mind and adjust accordingly. You can definitely adapt this to wear as a women’s costume as well…an adult Wonder Woman costume would be amazing!

Supplies from the Fabric Store like Joann Fabrics or Hobby Lobby

Additional Supplies

Wonder Woman Costume Supplies from Oriental Trading Co

Wonder Woman Movie Costume with sword cape and shield MadebyaPrincess #halloweencostume #wonderwoman #galgadot #wonderwomancostume

Before I got started I sketched out what the gladiator skirt looked like and then made the templates for the panels. Wonder Woman’s skirt is very very short so I elongated the pattern to make it child appropriate. I thought about putting the skirt over a tutu but it just didn’t look right so I opted for navy blue biker shorts.

My daughter loved it and felt very comfortable…which is just what a warrior needs for a night of battle (trick or treating).

Wonder Woman Movie Costume posing like a warrior MadebyaPrincess #halloweencostume #wonderwoman #galgadot #wonderwomancostume

Wonder Woman Movie Costume with sword and shield MadebyaPrincess #halloweencostume #wonderwoman #galgadot #wonderwomancostume

What Color is Wonder Woman’s Costume?

The original outfit worn by Wonder Woman in the TV version is red, white, blue, and gold. The Gal Gadot Justice League Wonder Woman movie costume is crimson, dark blue, and gold. The new costume is very modern but still true to the original Wonder Woman we knew and loved in the 70s.

Make a Wonder Woman Skirt Template

You will need poster board to create the skirt template.

Wonder Woman Movie Costume make a template and cut pieces out of poster board MadebyaPrincess #halloweencostume #wonderwoman #galgadot #wonderwomancostume

Once you have created your templates, place them on the backside of the vinyl fabric and then cut them out.

Cut a waistband from the vinyl about 1.5″ wide and 2.5″ longer than the waist measurement.

Wonder Woman Movie Costume supplies for eagle on leotard MadebyaPrincess #halloweencostume #wonderwoman #galgadot #wonderwomancostume

Next, make sure all the pieces work together before gluing them in place. Use paper clips on the waistband to hold pieces together.

Wonder Woman Movie Costume place pieces on waistband with paper clips MadebyaPrincess #halloweencostume #wonderwoman #galgadot #wonderwomancostume

Wonder Woman Movie Costume place pieces on waistband with paper clips front side MadebyaPrincess #halloweencostume #wonderwoman #galgadot #wonderwomancostume

Once you are happy with them, glue them together and lay the skirt out on a piece of white poster board on the floor.

Place a stack of books on the skirt and let dry several hours or overnight. Air pockets between the glue and fabric will weaken the bond so it’s really important you don’t miss this step.

Wonder Woman Movie Costume after gluing place books on top overnight to dry MadebyaPrincess #halloweencostume #wonderwoman #galgadot #wonderwomancostume

Wonder Woman Movie Costume gladiator skirt before adding side and inside panels MadebyaPrincess #halloweencostume #wonderwoman #galgadot #wonderwomancostume

You can a few more flaps on the inside panel to look more like Diana’s skirt.

Wonder Woman Movie Costume create template for side and inside panels MadebyaPrincess #halloweencostume #wonderwoman #galgadot #wonderwomancostume

Wait to glue the velcro on until you are sure where it needs to be. Once you know where you want it glue it on and then place back under the books. The vinyl does stretch a little so make the velcro long enough so that it can be adjusted if you need to make it tighter.

Glue the smaller panels to the sides and then the rectangular piece over that. Place books on the skirt and leave to dry.

Wonder Woman Movie Costume glue inside panel to gladiator skirt MadebyaPrincess #halloweencostume #wonderwoman #galgadot #wonderwomancostume

Make a No Sew Wonder Woman Using a Leotard

While the skirt is drying make the eagle for the top. I know Wonder Woman’s top is strapless but this is a family channel so I had to make an age appropriate adjustment to this costume detail.

You can find maroon leotard on Amazon and create a template for the eagle using an image found online. I used gold metallic (slightly stretchy) fabric, interfacing, and fusible webbing so I could iron it on the leotard.

Pro Tip:

Do not try to glue it. Glue does not adhere to leotards because it is porous and if you did get it to stick it will pop off…not a good look.

Wonder Woman Movie Costume supplies for eagle on leotard MadebyaPrincess #halloweencostume #wonderwoman #galgadot #wonderwomancostume

Cut a small piece of metallic fabric, larger than your template, and place your interfacing, bumpy side down, and iron on medium heat. Use a towel or Teflon ironing sheet to prevent burning. Pull paper off interfacing after it has cooled.

Now iron your fusible webbing, bumpy side down, over the interfacing. Use the towel or ironing sheet. When it has cooled pulled off the paper.

Wonder Woman Movie Costume iron interfacing then fusible web on backside of eagle MadebyaPrincess #halloweencostume #wonderwoman #galgadot #wonderwomancostume

Since you aren’t ironing the eagle head you want to cover up the fusible webbing on this part only. Iron a small piece of interfacing on just the head.

Wonder Woman Movie Costume iron extra piece of interfacing to eagle head over the fusible web MadebyaPrincess #halloweencostume #wonderwoman #galgadot #wonderwomancostume

Cut the whole thing out.

Wonder Woman Movie Costume finished fused eagle MadebyaPrincess #halloweencostume #wonderwoman #galgadot #wonderwomancostume

You now have a beautiful eagle plate ready to iron to the leotard.

Wonder Woman Movie Costume finished fused eagle front MadebyaPrincess #halloweencostume #wonderwoman #galgadot #wonderwomancostume

Iron the eagle to the leotard on low heat, definitely use a towel or ironing sheet because the metallic fabric can easily burn. Don’t iron the edges though as you will want to trim them to be flush with the arm seam.

Wonder Woman Movie Costume iron eagle to leotard MadebyaPrincess #halloweencostume #wonderwoman #galgadot #wonderwomancostume

Here is what it looks like trimmed.

Wonder Woman Movie Costume iron eagle to leotard and trim edges MadebyaPrincess #halloweencostume #wonderwoman #galgadot #wonderwomancostume

What Does Wonder Woman’s Tiara Do?

My favorite part in the Wonder Woman movie is when Diana is in No Mans Land with Steve, Chief, Charlie, and Sameer and a woman stops her begging for help. Undeterred by the fact that no one has ever crossed No Mans Land, Diana crosses the battle lines to help the citizens of Veld. In slow motion we see Diana let down her hair and put on Royal Tiara…she is warrior Princess Diana of Themyscira, a demigoddess.

This is no ordinary tiara, however, as it was created from Athena’s shield and forged with magical strength. It is not an accessory though. Diana can use her tiara as a weapon and when thrown it acts as a boomerang, always returning to her. 

The wig from Oriental Trading is perfection! It does not come with the Wonder Woman headband (tiara) so you will have to purchase that and the arm band separately to complete your Wonder Woman outfit. 

Wonder Woman Movie Costume with wig and headband MadebyaPrincess #halloweencostume #wonderwoman #galgadot #wonderwomancostume

Wonder Woman Movie Costume finished leotard with eagle MadebyaPrincess #halloweencostume #wonderwoman #galgadot #wonderwomancostume

Make a Wonder Woman Costume Belt with Lasso of Truth

The belt was a little tricky, I have to admit. The “W” is made with two layers of Fusible Stabilizer and an interfaced backed gold metallic fabric “W”. Use the same method as above for the eagle by ironing the interfacing to a patch of fabric, peeling off the paper backing, and then cutting it out. Use FabriTac to glue the “W” to the stablilizer and place under books to dry.

When it is dry use gold glitter glue to finish off the edges so you don’t see the white stabilizer.

I played around with the belt a lot and ended up gluing it to the top of the skirt almost all the way around. Leave about 2.5″ on each side on the back so you can adjust as necessary.

Wonder Woman Movie Costume gladiator skirt with lasso MadebyaPrincess #halloweencostume #wonderwoman #galgadot #wonderwomancostume

Here is the costume from the back. You can kind of see where the glue stops. (That discolored part is where I pulled off the velcro to readjust. If you get it before the glue sets you’ll be fine.)

Take a little piece of vinyl and glue it to the skirt then add velcro. Those ridges are from binder clips. I first tried securing the velcro to the vinyl using mini binder clips…don’t do this…just use the books!

Twisted cord frays so take a little piece of gold metallic fabric and glue it to the ends of the cord. It ends up looking like a metal bracket which really completes the look.

Wonder Woman Movie Costume lasso of truth on gladiator skirt MadebyaPrincess #halloweencostume #wonderwoman #galgadot #wonderwomancostume

Make Your Own Arm Bracelets

Check out my mini tutorial for the arm bracelets. You will need grey, silver, and gold foam, a few pieces of elastic, and FabriTac.

Wonder Woman Movie Costume arm bracers MadebyaPrincess #halloweencostume #wonderwoman #galgadot #wonderwomancostume

Now add a sword and a shield and your girl is ready to take on the world like a true warrior princess ready to fight crime…or just trick or treat!

Wonder Woman Movie Costume with sword from Oriental Trading MadebyaPrincess #halloweencostume #wonderwoman #galgadot #wonderwomancostume

Wonder Woman Movie Costume arm bracers gladiator skirt and eagle leotard MadebyaPrincess #halloweencostume #wonderwoman #galgadot #wonderwomancostume

Did Wonder Woman Have a Cape?

Yes, Lynda Carter’s Wonder Woman did wear a red, white, and blue cape but not often. She wore it with a skirt instead of her iconic blue shorts. in the movie version, Wonder Woman wore a dark blue cape when traveling with Steve but did not wear it into battle.

You can find the fabulous cape below at Oriental Trading.

What Color Are Wonder Woman’s Boots?

The original boots worn by Wonder Woman were red and white nearly knee high boots. The boots worn by Wonder Woman in the movie version are crimson red and matte gold. She looks more like she is ready to battle bad guys in the newer boots IMO. 


Wonder Woman Movie Costume with cape MadebyaPrincess #halloweencostume #wonderwoman #galgadot #wonderwomancostume

I hope you enjoy my DIY Wonder Woman Movie Halloween Costume tutorial. It takes some work but the result is so worth it!

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*This post does contain affiliate links* Oriental Trading Co provided me with some products. All ideas and opinions are my own.

Wonder Woman Movie Costume for Halloween or Cosplay Pin Now Read Later MadebyaPrincess #halloweencostume #wonderwoman #galgadot #wonderwomancostume

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