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Unicorn Popcorn Box Tutorial

Take your popcorn to magical heights with this Unicorn Popcorn Box Tutorial #popcornboxparty2017

Unicorn Popcorn Box Tutorial @madebyaprincess #popcornboxparty2017

If you take a look at some of the blog posts I have done in the past few months you will notice there are a lot of posts about unicorns. I am a little unicorn obsessed right now! They are just so pretty and magical. Today I am sharing my Unicorn Popcorn Box Tutorial as part of Laura Kelly’s #PopcornBoxParty2017. There are tons of great ideas so be sure to check out the links at the bottom of the post for more popcorn box inspiration.

This is my second year participating in Laura’s Popcorn Box Party. Last year I made Poppy from Trolls because she is so stinkin cute! And pink. She’s very very pink and I like that a lot. One of this things I love most about this Popcorn Box Party is that we can let our creativity run wild. A lot of my fellow bloggers go with a Halloween theme because Laura includes a bunch of super cute Halloween candy and trim from awesome companies.

I do want to say thank you to all of our sponsors: Laura Kelly for hosting this fun party and sending out the box of goodies, Expressionery, SizzixKunin for the felt, Oriental Trading Co for the popcorn, googly eyes, pencils, erasers, candy corn, and a pumpkin lollipop, and World Market for the popcorn boxes. Udderly Smooth also provided their amazing hand cream which is so perfect for this time of year. You can check out #udderlysmoothhalloween to see how some of my friends decorated their tube of hand cream. It’s pretty cute!

So, here is how I made Fleurette (that’s what I named this unicorn!) First, you want to make a template for the felt. Trace two sides on a piece of paper and cut. Make sure you cut a little longer on the edges so they wrap around the box. I actually forgot to do this which is why she ended up with a some bling. My edges didn’t quite come together.

Unicorn Popcorn Box Tutorial make a template from popcorn box @madebyaprincess #popcornboxparty2017

I did a double layer of felt because I didn’t want to see the red stripes through it.

Unicorn Popcorn Box Tutorial cut four pieces so stripes dont show @madebyaprincess #popcornboxparty2017

Hot glue the felt to your box.

Unicorn Popcorn Box Tutorial glue felt pieces to popcorn box @madebyaprincess #popcornboxparty2017

I cut the ears out of felt and the horn out of gold glitter foam. The insides of the ears are from foam as well.

Unicorn Popcorn Box Tutorial cut horn out of glitter foam and ears out of felt and foam @madebyaprincess #popcornboxparty2017

Glue the ears to the inside of the box and hot glued flowers I picked up at the dollar store.

Unicorn Popcorn Box Tutorial felt and glitter foam ear @madebyaprincess #popcornboxparty2017

Glue the horn too. I wanted the backside of the horn to be glittery too so I cut another piece and stuck them together.

Unicorn Popcorn Box Tutorial use glitter gold foam to make a horn @madebyaprincess #popcornboxparty2017

I used a Sharpie to trace the outline of her eyes and then filled them in with puffy paint.

Unicorn Popcorn Box Tutorial draw eyes on felt with a sharpie @madebyaprincess #popcornboxparty2017

Unicorn Popcorn Box Tutorial fill eyes in with puffy paint @madebyaprincess #popcornboxparty2017

I had a bunch of crepe paper streamers left over from my other unicorn projects so I made a pastel rainbow mane and secured it on the inside with a little piece of felt.

Unicorn Popcorn Box Tutorial add crepe streamers to make a mane @madebyaprincess #popcornboxparty2017

Unicorn Popcorn Box Tutorial crepe paper streamers look like a colorful mane @madebyaprincess #popcornboxparty2017

Chocolate popcorn is always a hit and rainbow chocolate popcorn is even better! I popped the bag of popcorn from Oriental Trading and separated it into 5 piles. I then melted chocolate disks in small bowls and covered each pile individually with pink, blue, yellow, lime green, and purple.

I suggest doing one color at a time. I started with pink, added the sprinkles, and edible gold stars, and then moved onto blue. If you wait til the end to add sprinkles it will be too late…they won’t stick because the chocolate hardens pretty quickly.

Unicorn Popcorn Box Tutorial fill eyes in with puffy paint @madebyaprincess #popcornboxparty2017

You can see the tiny gold stars and sprinkles here.

Unicorn Popcorn Box Tutorial sprinkle edible gold stars in the mix @madebyaprincess #popcornboxparty2017 01

I filled my unicorn with the rainbow chocolate popcorn and was ready to sit down with a glass of champagne and watch “This is Us”. Anyone else loving this show? I didn’t watch last season but am already completely sucked in!

Unicorn Popcorn Box Tutorial chocolate rainbow popcorn @madebyaprincess #popcornboxparty2017

Unicorn Popcorn Box Tutorial with chocolate rainbow popcorn @madebyaprincess #popcornboxparty2017

I hope you enjoyed my Unicorn Popcorn Box Tutorial! Don’t forget to join the party below! Oh and I almost forgot! You can enter for a chance to win a $100 gift card from World Market!! There are soooo many awesome things you can buy just in time for the holidays!

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Thank you again to all of our sponsors and a big thank you to Laura Kelly for hosting another year of fun! Look for #popcornboxparty2017 on Twitter and Instagram!

Unicorn Popcorn Box Tutorial Pin it for later @madebyaprincess #popcornboxparty2017


Monday 16th of October 2017

I am unicorn obsessed too and this box is one of my favorites! It would be perfect for a girls birthday party!


Monday 16th of October 2017

Mary, thank you so much! You made my day! I have shared tons of unicorn ideas on my blog lately (with some free printables) they're just so much fun. Thank you for commenting...I so appreciate it <3

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