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How to Make Mini Tacos

Last year for my son’s Lego party I made mini tacos as a nod to Taco Tuesday featured in the movie. I have had enough parties to know that kids won’t sit down and eat a full meal. They like to grab and go so unless I am doing a sit down formal dinner, all of the food needs to be hand held and bite sized. The kids loved these little tacos and the best part…no waste!  Well, actually, I think the best part was they were so stinkin cute!

I am going to show you how to make mini tacos…it’s really easy!
Large flour tortillas
Approx 4″ circle cookie cutter or glass with wide mouth
Cupcake or muffin pan
how to make mini tacos tortillas
Use your cookie cutter or top of the glass to cut out tortilla circles. Spritz with a little water and salt.
 how to make mini tacos cut tortillas
Turn your cupcake or muffin pan over and set the tortilla circles in between the cavities.  Bake at 375 degrees for about 9 mins. Take out and let cool.
how to make mini tacos bake on muffin tin
 Once your shells have cooled you can fill with all your favorite taco fixins’!  Happy Taco Tuesday!
how to make mini tacos filled with fave ingredients

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