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Fresh Herb Cream Cheese on Cucumbers

This is so super easy to make and requires nothing but fresh herbs, cream cheese, and cucumbers.  This was another quick recipe I threw together for our very impromptu Memorial Day get together. These are really light and refreshing and really tasty.

Collection of fresh herbs (I used chives, rosemary, green onions, thyme, and dill)
Block of cream cheese (room temperature)

Finely chop your fresh herbs and place in a bowl.  I roughly had about a cups worth of herbs. Mix the herbs and cream cheese together until smooth and well incorporated.  Slice cucumbers, not too thick or too thin, and spread herbed cream cheese onto slices. Serve cold. 

I chose herbs that I like and that were available.  The beauty of this quick recipe is that you can create your own herb mix.  Some people really like cilantro, I’m not one of those people, so I didn’t use it.  Mix and match, try different things, you can’t really go wrong.  You can also serve this on crackers of course but the cucumber doesn’t elicit the same kind of guilt that those yummy crackers do.  There were a few lonely leftover slices for me the next morning so I put them together and made mini sandwiches. Was actually a really yummy breakfast treat.

Esther Sung from www.epicurious.com has a nice article on fresh herbs that is worth checking out before heading off to the grocery store.

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