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Santa Baby Tutu by The Little Lovelies

Back in October I asked my Facebook Party Princesses if anyone of them were interested in bartering a Santa Baby tutu dress for design services.  Paige Rubio of The Little Lovelies commented immediately and said she would.  Woohoo!  I told her what I was thinking and in a matter of moments she sent back a picture of exactly what I wanted.  The theme of our Favorite Things Christmas Party was “Sophisticated Santa” and my daughter just had to dress the part in a very girly way!

Paige was amazing to work with.  She completed the whole thing in a day and even sent my little Santa baby a matching hairbow.  I HIGHLY recommend Paige and her work so if you are in the market for something fun, sweet, and girly for the princess in your life, Paige is your go-to-girl.

Seriously, how cute is this dress?!  These are some pictures I took right before the party. 

This is Sugarella doing “touchdown!”


“Godmommy say what?  Excuse me…please don’t touch my Santa.”
She thinks she sees a cupcake in the bush. She sees cupcakes everywhere!


Hard to see but there are adorable red ruffle butt bloomers under there.
“My tutu.” Yes, Sugarella, it is your tutu dress. It won’t fit mommy anyway.
She is ready to party!
Thank you Paige for sharing your beautiful talents with me!  
Contact Paige at [email protected] or find her on her Facebook page The Little Lovelies.

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