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Sweet Antique Cabinet Makeover

antique cabinet pink pearl makeover main

It’s no secret that I am a pink girl through and through and lucky for me my mini-me is as well. If it’s pink I must have it is pretty much my life motto. Well, one of them. My bedroom growing up was all pink and I loooooved it! Pink walls, pink carpet, pink bedspread. If I could get away with it now I totally would! When my mom moved out of my childhood home a few years to move closer to us, naturally I had to part with a lot of things. For some reason my mom didn’t want to move the stuff I was storing up there to her new house down here – go figure! One of the things I really wanted to make its way down here was this little cabinet that was in the living room. I really wasn’t sure if my mom was going to use it in her new house but I was just happy it made the cut.

I am sure everyone has certain things from their childhood homes that bring back memories. My mom’s kitchen is where everyone hung out and all the important decisions were made it seemed…what’s for dinner, whose turn is it to do the dishes, what should we serve for Thanksgiving, and who should we invite to the BBQ. This little cabinet holds a lot of memories for me. This is where the phone next to the couch lived which was veeeeery important to me in high school. One the left is where we kept phone books (what are phone books you ask? Google it!) and ruled paper. I don’t know why ruled paper specifically but if you needed it that is where you went. On the right is also where my stepson kept his little toys, then my son, and then my daughter. I do love this little piece of furniture and all it holds. When my mom asked me if I wanted it I was so excited. Yes! I instantly saw a sweet antique cabinet makeover…in pink of course.

There are lots of pretty pink paints out there but this sweet thing needed something really special. As I was doing paint research online I came across a picture of striped dining room walls and it looked shiny, almost pearl like. I loved it! I followed the link to Modern Masters and discovered a plethora of shiny metallic paints. Oh so many pretty pearly colors! I simply had to have Pink Pearl. When Modern Masters found out how much I loved pink and what I wanted to do with it they sent me paint for my project. How nice is that?! I kinda want to cover all my office furniture in pearly metallic paint now. I think I *need* to cover my office furniture in pearly metallic now.

This project was done in a weekend so don’t be intimidated to try your own makeover. I bought some fine sanding paper and sanded the top and sides where there was the most wear and tear.

antique cabinet pink pearl makeover untouched

antique cabinet pink pearl makeover inside

antique cabinet pink pearl makeover top

I didn’t do a really deep deep sanding. There is a pretty good sized nick on the front and some deeper dents but I sanded until it was smooth.

antique cabinet pink pearl makeover sanded top

I used my favorite Rustoleum Primer+Paint White spray paint before applying the pink layer. It took nearly 3 cans of paint to do this cabinet. I let dry in the sun and over night before covering with Pink Pearl.

antique cabinet pink pearl makeover white base coat

The finished product! I love love love it! I applied five coats of Pink Pearl Metallic paint. I used a nylon brush but I am not sure that was the best choice. I think if I had used a different brush I could have done it in 3 coats.

antique cabinet pink pearl makeover finished

Modern Masters also sent me Pearl White which I had intended on using in the hearts as an accent but I really like how it looks just like this. I have another project in mind now for the Pearl White Metallic paint.

antique cabinet pink pearl makeover drawers

I simply adore how this turned out!

antique cabinet pink pearl makeover before and after

My daughter could not wait to get this up to her room. I told her I needed to take some pictures and after she could fill up the drawers. She told me she needed to “style it” first. She’s 4.5 years old. 4.5!  I think my little Miss did a darn good job styling this cabinet.

antique cabinet pink pearl makeover filled with treasures

antique cabinet pink pearl makeover drawers filled with treasures

I hope you liked my Sweet Antique Cabinet Makeover. If you are looking for the prettiest metallic paints look no further than Modern Masters. These pictures really do not do it justice…this is a true pearl paint that sparkles in the sunlight. I am starting a list of furniture that needs a pearly metallic makeover…

So tell me…which is your favorite color and what will you use it for?

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