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Top 20 Songs to Listen to During Thanksgiving Dinner

Top 20 songs to listen to during thanksgiving dinner - made by a princess

Halloween is barely over and we are already starting on Thanksgiving prep. Black and spooky get packed away so we can make room for Fall decor, pumpkin spice candles, and pretty leaves. Have you ever noticed that most of the holidays have music to accompany it? 4th of July has patriotic music, Halloween has creepy, Valentine’s Day is all about love, and Christmas…Christmas pretty much owns holiday music doesn’t it? I think it’s time Thanksgiving gets its own playlist so here are my Top 20 Songs to Listen to During Thanksgiving Dinner picks.

Some you’ll recognize, others maybe will become new Thanksgiving favorites.

  1. Thankful – Kelly Clarkson
  2. Kind & Generous – Natalie Merchant
  3. Home – Daughtry
  4. Give Thanks & Praise – Bob Marley
  5. Everytime I Close My Eyes – Babyface, Mariah Carey, & Kenny G
  6. Thank You for the Music – ABBA
  7. Thank You – Alanis Morissette
  8. Be Thankful – Natalie Cole
  9. Homeward Bound – Simon & Garfunkel
  10. What a Wonderful World – Louis Armstrong
  11. Come On-A My House – Rosemary Clooney
  12. Thanksgiving Song – Mary Chapin Carpenter
  13. Everyday is a Day of Thanksgiving – Dr. Charles Hayes & The Cosmopolitan Choir
  14. Thank You – Richard Smallwood
  15. Thanksgiving – George Winston
  16. Thanksgiving Theme – Vince Guaraldo Trio
  17. Brandenburg Concerto No. 3 in G – Bach
  18. Faith of our Fathers – Instrumental Piano Christian Songs
  19. Peace is Flowing Like a River – Thanksgiving
  20. We Gather Together – Wedding Music Artists

Happy Thanksgiving!

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