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Rose Gold Foil Leaf Vase DIY Party Idea

Materials for this post provided by Oriental Trading Co. All opinions are my own. Create your own custom rose gold vases using foil leaf sheets. When you simply must have a metallic rose gold vase for your party but can’t find them anywhere you make your own! All you need are foil sheets, glass vases, …

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Sizzix Bridal Dress Invite

Just like pink and glitter…if it’s princess-y I must have it!  I am sharing how I made this pretty little Sizzix bridal dress invite on the Sizzix blog today. This card would be perfect for a princess party, a bridal shower invitation, or even a “Will You Be My Bridesmaid?” notecard. So many possibilities with color and embellishments! Grab …

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Elegant Marie Antoinette Party Ideas

  Take a trip to France with me as we celebrate our favorite French queen, Marie Antoinette. Versailles serves as the inspiration for this elegant and grand Marie Antoinette party.      Everyone gets cake at this elegant affair celebrating Queen Marie Antoinette! From the Tree of Mirrors to a Royal Court, we had it …

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