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Valentine Idea Cupid Arrows + Download

We can’t forget about Cupid now can we?!  These Cupid’s Arrows are a simple project that you and your little love can do together!

Here’s what you need:
-6″ cake pop sticks
-Heart gummies (I got these at Dollar Tree)
-Hershey’s Kisses
-Treat bags
-Cupid’s Arrow treat topper (available for free download here for a limited time)
Put one end of the cake pop stick through the gummy heart and the other end through the Hershey Kiss but be careful not to push too hard or the Kiss will break in half.  Once you have printed your Cupid’s Arrow treat toppers and cut them out, put your “arrow” in the treat bag and fold topper over it. Staple closed. That’s it!
We will be taking a basket (or maybe a quiver) of Cupid Arrows to school this week for Valentine’s Day.  Enjoy!
 Happy Valentine’s Day!
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