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Say Yes with Jelly Belly Recipes

JB infographic

In honor of our #SayYesWithJellyBelly campaign I created these custom Jelly Belly Bean recipes with my new favorite Jelly Belly flavor…Champagne! Pink is my favorite color so coming up with recipes using Champagne beans and a selection of pink bean was really tough research as you can imagine!

To create these Say Yes with Jelly Belly recipes you will need the following:

Jelly Belly Champagne Beans

Jelly Belly Jewel Very Cherry Beans

Jelly Belly Pomegranate Beans

Jelly Belly Strawberry Cheesecake Beans

Jelly Belly Cotton Candy Beans

Jelly Belly Jewel Bubble Gum Beans

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Styling & Concept by Made by a Princess

Photographs Courtesy of Maria Healey Photography

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