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You’ve Been BOOzed Free Printable

Surprise your neighbors with a BOOzey treat with this You’ve Been BOOzed PDF printable set!

You ve been boozed adult Halloween game includes wine bottle tag and two free signs

Would you rather be BOO’d or BOOzed? Personally I would rather be BOOzed! If you have played the BOO game in your neighborhood you are probably already familiar with how it works. 

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Fill a bucket with treats, include some notes, ring the door, and run. It’s kind of like ding dong ditch but the person you’re ding donging gets a nice surprise. BOOze some neighbors because I’m pretty sure they wouldn’t mind opening the door to a little BOOzey surprise! Download all the printable signs to get your neighborhood BOO on!

Boo Neighborhood Game

Halloween Neighborhood Boo Game

Have adult friends and neighbors who would appreciate BOOze more than a BOO? We all have that neighbor amiright?! Well, this Halloween you can really make their day by leaving a special treat on their doorstep.

This is such a fun Halloween game and a very welcome tradition. This BOOZEd Halloween game is a great way to surprise your neighbors and let them know that you are thinking of them. Hey, they may even invite you in for a cocktail. 

You've Been BOOzed printables shown here with wine bottle tags, instructions, and window sign.

How to BOOze Your Friends and Neighbors

First of all, pick up a bottle of champagne or wine from your favorite BOOzy spot.

Next, peel the labels off or just stuck this one on with packing tape. Decorate the bottle with some spooky spiderwebs that you probably have lying around the house or in a box of leftover Halloween decorations. If you don’t have spiderwebs don’t worry…all your friend wants is the BOOze anyway!

*Note: The printable version available for download below says “BOOzey Brew” because it’s more generic.

Close up of You've Been BOOzed wine bottle label that reads, "Bubbly Brew for the Witch in You"

Now, add a cute little gift tag…

Close up of You've Been BOOzed wine bottle gift tag that reads, "You've Been BOOzed! You lucky witch!"

Print Your Free BOOzed Printables

When you BOOze your neighbor leave a note so they know why someone has put a bottle of something pretty yummy (and so well deserved) on their doorstep. 

Close up of You've Been BOOzed instructions

Also, leave a “We’ve been BOOzed” sign to put on the door or in the window so other neighbors know they have been “hit” with the BOOze.

Want all the Printables You See Here?

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Looking for a “You’ve Been Boo’d” version? Click on the link to download the non-alcoholic set.

Picture of BOOzed printables with wine bottle on neighbor's porch

Ideas for a BOOze Bucket or Basket

Alcohol Ideas:

  • Wine
  • Champagne
  • Seasonal Beer
  • Pumpkin Liqueur
  • Captain Morgan Jack O Blast Rum
  • Pumpkin Pie Moonshine

Fun Extras:

Happy Halloween!

Youve Been BOOzed is a Fun Neighborhood Game for the adults to play this Halloween #boozegame #booze #youvebeenboozed

Published October 29, 2015

Updated October 4, 2022

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