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Recipe: Strawberry Santa Hats

I love strawberries.  Here in Sunny Southern California we eat them year round. I don’t know if they are available year round everywhere but in my house it’s considered a staple. I think given the opportunity my toddler would eat only strawberries for breakfast, lunch, and dinner! For my Favorite Things Christmas Party I made up …

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Party Food Date Rumaki

Date Rumaki is a staple at all of my parties now.  I have said it before, if I don’t serve rumaki, I really think my friends will revolt and not come.  It is a must and my friends expect it now.  That’s perfectly ok with me – I love that my friends feel they can …

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Cheddar Cheese Biscuits

Yet another recipe from Memorial Day weekend.  I had actually never made these before but looking over the recipe could tell they were pretty quick and easy.  I found this recipe on Pinterest and pinned it to one of my Party Foods board.  The original recipe comes from LettucePray.  I changed just a couple of …

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