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Gluten Free Bridal Shower

One of my clients sent photos of a bridal shower she threw for her friend, Kandy. The bride eats gluten free so Shirley made some wonderful gluten free food.  Even the cake was gluten free!  Some of the recipes she used are posted below the photos.   Enjoy these pictures of her guests having fun …

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Supper Sunday: Taco Salad

My mom made this a lot when we were growing up and called Mexican Chef Salad.  I remember mostly having it in the summertime but really it’s just good all year round.  My stepson once ate three very large platefuls of this!  This is one of those dinners everyone gets excited about (and it doesn’t …

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Egg Muffins in Cupcake Tin

This past Tuesday Miss Cupcake had croup so I stayed home with her.  Couldn’t really do much, it’s not like I could take her Christmas shopping, so I looked around my kitchen while she was napping and thought, “Hmph. What can I make that’s not going to make a big mess or take too long?”  …

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